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Thanks for visiting my tiny corner of the universe. My name is Erica and I live in Wisconsin. I started this site in 2010 after reading Molly Wizenberg’s A Homemade Life. In her memoir, Wizenberg says that if you want to make something happen, you just have to put yourself out there. So I did. And since I started taking photographs and writing and cooking for this place, it has become a constant source of joy. It’s become part of who I am. And the fact that you might enjoy something from it too is just the shredded parmesan cheese on the kale. Or the squeeze of lime in the icy gin and tonic. You get my drift…

I became a mostly vegetarian (I eat seafood from time to time) by accident around the same time I started this blog. I was working a temporary job in the box office for the Wisconsin Film Festival and decided to see the film, Food Inc. I had always been a fairly healthy eater and grew up eating my mom’s homemade meals, but I wasn’t too picky about where my food came from. That changed immediately after watching that film. I decided to buy only organic, local meat, but as a broke, second-degree seeking college student that wasn’t exactly realistic, so I just stopped buying it. Before I knew it, I wasn’t interested in eating meat at all. The last meat product that knowingly touched my lips was a piece of bacon that accidentally made it its way into my green salad at the Lander Bar in Wyoming in the summer of 2011. I thought it was a carmelized onion and upon realizing my (their) mistake, I spit it out.

So here you will find vegetarian recipes, my photos and my stories. I hope you find something that inspires you to find your own corner of joy. Cheers.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks, Erica! I just approved your blog claim. Now your Urbanspoon profile picture is displayed on your blog page. You can upload a blog-specific photo if you prefer, and can change a few other blog settings there. Also, if you vote for a restaurant that you’ve reviewed on your blog, we now show your vote next to your post everywhere on our site.





  2. Erica, I hope to read more of your writing here-the ducks story was very emotive, and hit home. I appreciate your ability to convey the chaos of this situation in such a tangential but powerful way. Please keep up the writing and sharing your recipes!

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