Too little too late

I apologize for the tardiness of this post, but if you are anything like me and you still have a couple of bunches of ramps stashed away in your crisper drawer, then you’re in luck. Everyone else- tuck this one away for next April, when the ramps’ too-short growing season will be upon us again.


This spring I have been eating ramps raw in salads, pickling them and, something that I could eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, eating them sauteed in butter and served on toast with an egg:¬†For two servings, slice a bunch of ramps (bulbs and greens) and melt a pat of butter in a pan. Saute’ the bulbs and stems for a few minutes- add salt and pepper- and then add the greens and saute’ for a couple more minutes. Remove the ramps from the pan and melt a little more butter and fry two eggs (make sure the yolk is still runny). Meanwhile preheat the oven to 350 degrees or so and toast a couple of pieces of good bread (I like Madison Sourdough’s ‘Country’ bread). Pour olive oil over the toast and sprinkle with salt. Spread a soft cheese (I have been using goat cheese) on the toast and top with the ramps and an egg. Serve open-faced with a salad or roasted asparagus.


Happy growing season!